Camaleonda Armchair

Camaleonda Armchair

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First edition of Camaleonda sofa was in the 1970s by Mario Bellini . The sectional elements of this sofa can be used freely and apart from one another. Because the sofa is modular, you can create many different settings. It has its original light grey fabric and includes two full seating elements with backrest, endless number of middle elements with backrest, and 1 element without backrest.which allows the user to create a perfect 'seating landscape.' This design became famous almost immediately after it was featured in the exhibition 'The New Domestic Landscape' held in the MOMA Museum in 1972. The sofa is very comfortable, and the fact this wonderful piece is modular, provides endless flexible solutions for any project or living room.


Design period: 1970-1979


Height: 70 cm

Width: 95 cm

Depth:90 cm

Seat Height: 38 cm

Material: Velvet 

Colours: Light Grey 

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